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Den Oever Antwerp

CORES is working together with an operational partner on a hotel with ca. 220 rooms at this exceptional location. Binst architects has worked out a design that deftly links the wings on Den Oever and Scheldeken and makes room for a beautiful green courtyard in the centre of the city.

Den Oever Antwerpen

In preparation

Verheeskade - The Hague

CORES Investment, Lakenvelder Investment Group & Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance are together developing 844 apartments on the Verheeskade in The Hague.

In preparation

Dr. Nevenstraat Maastricht

Dr. Nevenstraat is a student housing project that is not only a residence but a real community of generation Z students, intent on building on a better and brighter future for its occupants in an innovative manner.


Nevenstraat Maastricht

In preparation

Uitbreidingstraat Berchem

This new office project in cooperation with Alides is situated at the Singel in Berchem. This unique location near Berchem station offers the possibility to build a sustainable office volume with a wide range of supporting services.

Berchem Uitbreidingstraat

In preparation

Vorstlaan 25 Brussels

In collaboration with Foresite and Urbicoon, CORES Investment will redevelop the former headquarters of insurance company Royale Belge. These 2 iconic buildings, developed in the late 60s, are being transformed into a mixed project with offices, sports facilities, catering industry and residential units.

Vorstlaan CORES Investment